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Hear Political Analyst and CV Pres. Gary Dietrich on KFBK – CA Props and Election 2012

November 3, 2012

Listen to find out the status of the elections and where CA voters stand – all votes will soon be accounted! It seems voters have been apt to change their final decision as Election Day Nov. 6th 2012 draws near. Much spending has been put forth to get voters attention, especially on the Propositions. Hear recent stats and where to get nonpartisan election information in helping you vote this week.

     11/02/12 — live @ 6:40am — KFBK-FM 92.5/AM1530 — CV Nonpartisan Election Project & What to Expect Coming up…


You won’t believe the numbers!!

October 9, 2008

Quick word about the incredible success of the CV Nonpartisan Election ’08 Project already.  Since launching the project just days ago on October 1, the CV website has received over 166,000 hits.  We also have been listed in the “Top 100 Growing Blogs” by the firm that hosts our Election ‘08 blog pages on the CV website.  Get this….they host over 4 million blogs…and we’re in the top 100.  WOW!!!!

Absolutely fantastic start to the California statewide media tour for the Election ’08 project.  Began in the northern part of the state with network TV affiliate hits, morning radio shows, talk shows, national SIRIUS radio interview and lots more.  The response from the media has been outstanding.  We’re now in Monterey…head to Santa Barbara tonight and the LA area beginning Monday.  This state is huge…with more media markets than any other.

In my next entry…the current dynamics of the presidential race…what the dominant factors are now in the race and what might affect them to alter the course of the election.  Stay tuned…

Citizen Voice is making some BIG noise!

October 6, 2008