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“Behind the Scenes” on-air with Political Analyst Gary Dietrich during Election season 2012

November 6, 2012

The 2012 election season has kept California-based political analyst Gary Dietrich extremely busy! Tag along as he makes his rounds at KFBK, KSTE, and KTXL Fox 40 the morning after the Vice-Presidential debate!


Best of the California Propositions Interviews Featuring Nonpartisan Political Analyst Gary Dietrich

November 5, 2012

Pick your favorite style, format or station and let Gary give you a last-minute cram-course on important voter information and all 11 California ballot measures in a concise, nonpartisan way.

Then, head to the polls November 6th and make informed choices!

1) “Armstrong & Getty” (Talk 650 KSTE) – A lighter look at the election

Audio Link

2) “Money 101” (KFWB NewsTalk 980) – Proposition details & financial backers

Audio Link

3) “Ronn Owens Show” (810 KGO) – Basic ballot measure info & public call-ins

Audio Link

4) “A Closer Look” (KLOVE) – In-depth discussion

Audio Link

Visit Citizen Voice’s Nonpartisan Election Project  for additional voting information and easy-to-use resources:

1) FREE: “mini-debate” videos moderated by Gary Dietrich and featuring the top proponents/opponents of each measure

2) Audio downloads so you can listen to the pros and cons on the go

3) Easy-to-understand short summaries (both online and printable)

Listen to CA Propositions on KSCO Radio Santa Cruz

November 5, 2012

Hear political analyst Gary Dietrich on KSCO 1080AM with host  Mark Silverman speak on the CA positions, how Hurricane Sandy has affected the presidential race and insight on local races.

11/01/12 — live @ 2:30pm — KSCO-AM1080 — Election Info & CA Propositions 

Listen to the CA Propositions with humor on the A&G Show

November 4, 2012

Listen to the CA Propositions with humor on Armstrong & Getty – KSTE 650AM. Entertaining and practical some propositions are discussed more in length than others.

Hear Political Analyst and CV Pres. Gary Dietrich on KFBK – CA Props and Election 2012

November 3, 2012

Listen to find out the status of the elections and where CA voters stand – all votes will soon be accounted! It seems voters have been apt to change their final decision as Election Day Nov. 6th 2012 draws near. Much spending has been put forth to get voters attention, especially on the Propositions. Hear recent stats and where to get nonpartisan election information in helping you vote this week.

     11/02/12 — live @ 6:40am — KFBK-FM 92.5/AM1530 — CV Nonpartisan Election Project & What to Expect Coming up…

Live nonpartisan analysis of the 11 CA Propositions from politcal analyst Gary Dietrich on KGO 810AM

November 2, 2012

Gary Dietrich Analyzes Third/Final Presidential Debate – October 23, 2012 – 8:15 AM

October 26, 2012

Political Analyst and Citizen Voice non-profit president Gary Dietrich analyzes the third/final Presidential Debate, Foreign Policy on Sacramento’s KTXL Fox40 Live at 8:15am on October 23, 2012.

Visit Citizen Voice’s non-partisan Election Project 2012: