Best of the California Propositions Interviews Featuring Nonpartisan Political Analyst Gary Dietrich

Pick your favorite style, format or station and let Gary give you a last-minute cram-course on important voter information and all 11 California ballot measures in a concise, nonpartisan way.

Then, head to the polls November 6th and make informed choices!

1) “Armstrong & Getty” (Talk 650 KSTE) – A lighter look at the election

Audio Link

2) “Money 101” (KFWB NewsTalk 980) – Proposition details & financial backers

Audio Link

3) “Ronn Owens Show” (810 KGO) – Basic ballot measure info & public call-ins

Audio Link

4) “A Closer Look” (KLOVE) – In-depth discussion

Audio Link

Visit Citizen Voice’s Nonpartisan Election Project  for additional voting information and easy-to-use resources:

1) FREE: “mini-debate” videos moderated by Gary Dietrich and featuring the top proponents/opponents of each measure

2) Audio downloads so you can listen to the pros and cons on the go

3) Easy-to-understand short summaries (both online and printable)


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